Career Information and Guidance (CIAG)

UCT encourages all learners to continue their learning journey and developing themselves. Whatever your role is now there will be opportunities that come your way at some point in the future. We have many examples of apprentices and adult learners who have trained with us who have gone on to higher level jobs In sometimes different disciplines than what they trained for originally. For any guidance in the first instance talk with your tutor who can always give advice on careers and qualifications, also there are government agencies such as the National Careers Service. Many companies have websites it’s always worth taking a look to see if they have vacancies and what qualifications maybe required.

These are recent case studies of apprentices who have gone onto bigger things!

  • A recent Water apprentice Kyle, completed his apprenticeship and within  2 years he had progressed and is now a Junior Estimator and taking further qualifications.
  • Highways Maintenance apprentice Luke after 18 months has become a Team leader, overseeing the job in hand and his team. He continues to develop himself and hopes to develop his career further
  • Power network craftsperson apprenticeship – PNC Sub station fitting apprentice Craig has gone on to take his HNC in Electric Engineering and is now a Project manager and taking his level 6 in Project Management

‘It’s not where you start its where you finish’