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Cable Jointing Courses

Cable Jointing Training covers Live LV jointing to 33KV jointing as standard. Higher voltages are bespoke to client and manufacturers requirements.

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Utility and Construction Training Limited delivers formal training in Electrical Power Engineering.

Training and assessment in the methods of cable jointing construction and maintenance, the courses are designed to give apprentices and adult trainees, a sound working knowledge of a wide variety of jointing work. Programs allow learners to obtain knowledge of safe working practices and the practical skills and techniques to enable them to become valuable members of the workforce.

LV Service Jointing
LV Live Service Jointing trade training in accordance with DNO codes of practice.

Jointers Mate
Core skills for mates, accompaniment, cut outs, LPG safety, DSR’s, Electrical Site Safety, resin mixing, damp testing plus insight in to the industry and electrical distribution network.

LV Service Jointing
LV Live Service Jointing trade training in accordance with DNO codes of practice.

LV Mains Jointing
LV Live Mains Jointing trade training in accordance with DNO codes of practice.

Pilot Cable Jointing
XLPE and Paper pilot cable jointing trade training in accordance with DNO codes of practice.

11KV Jointing
11KV polymeric and PILC cable jointing training programs to common manufactures requirements.
Cable types Polymeric bonded or easy strip, EPR 3 core or single core, SWA armoured or DNO specification.

33KV Cable Jointing
33KV polymeric and PILC cable jointing training programs to common manufactures requirements

CONSAC Cable Jointing
Jointing training delivered over 3 days to existing jointers who require CONSAC (CONcentric Solid Aluminium Core cable) dealing with legacy cables is essential for fault repair contracts.

EHV jointing
UCT facilitate product familiarisation training by the manufacturer of cable and accessories

Plastic Jointers
Plastic Jointing Traineeship covers LV live jointing on XLPE cables, services, mains joints and terminations, the traineeship also includes the technical certificate and Level 2 diploma in cable jointing.

Street Lighting Jointers
Street Lighting Jointing Traineeship includes the connection of services to services and services to mains, as well as street lighting terminations, this is coupled with the Technical Certificate.

Jointing Familiarization courses Jointing Refresher training

Jointing independent Trade tests

Safety and Electrical Protection
LV Jointing used standard voltages 230/400V, with high speed 30mA protection for all phases to earth/neutral and between Phases, thus removing danger from electrocution or burn energy for all error situations.

Street Lighting Testing
Faults can be tricky to identify, competence in testing is essential for street lighting operatives.

Domestic Cut-out Testing
Competence in testing reduces errors, prevents cross polarity and ensures safety connecting to the distribution system.


Experienced operatives and apprentices can undertake nationally recognised diploma in the Utility trade

The diploma is the recognised competency based qualification for the power industry; it can be achieved as a stand-alone qualification or as part of the level 2 apprenticeship framework for the power sector.

This qualification is achieved by the production of a portfolio of evidence to prove competence against the standards, although the physical evidence will come from the delegate the portfolio will be completed with the aid of the assessor to collate and link the evidence provided by the delegate to the individual standards. This assessor lead approach minimises the operational down time for the delegate. E- portfolio available for computer literate reducing printed evidence with upload facility.

Delegates should be able to prove competence in the following areas;

  • Working safely and efficiently in the power sector
  • Compliance with legislative and industry standards with regards to Health, Safety and the Environment
  • Use and communication of technical information
  • Safe access and egress to site
  • Service jointing on LV cables, LV Mains cables or HV cables
  • Electrical Testing of underground cables
  • Repairs to faulty or damaged LV Cables

All of the performance criteria must be evidenced. The requisite evidence is attained through completion of the relevant skill based units on a minimum of three separate occasions.

Diplomas are valid for life


Jointing can be delivered to cover all aspects of DNO requirements, however, where work is require on a specific contract, there may be requirements for bespoke training.


Module 0 – Introduction to specific skills, Jointers Mates Duties, safety and system appreciation

Module 1 – Service to Service Jointing and Services to Mains on Waveform/Wavecon, PILCSTA mains and CONSAC where required.

Module 2 – Mains joints and terminations on all common LV cables.

UCT Teach good working practice, safe jointing techniques. Specific joint construction can easily be adopted on site where DNO COP are not made available.

Bespoke programs are also delivered to client requirements, a full list of available programs can be found in the course directory.


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“After speaking to some of the lads that attended the course and reading the comments they have left on our work Whats App group I can only complement you on the course that you bespoke for AVRS. Everyone spoke very highly of the way that you delivered the course especially, the course content was deemed interesting and the training facility itself seemed to be a very good set up .

Everybody left feeling that they had taken something from the course and the words “best course I have ever attended” were used by one of our candidates. So a big thanks from all attendees and myself on behalf of AVRS. The hotel had a few complaints made about it but apart from that everyone enjoyed the experience.

I will look forward to dealing with you again when we need a course of this nature as even the arranging of the training ran smoothly and you were very flexible to suit our needs.”

Mark Holdsworth

Sellafield BNFL plant